New at OEN Shop – Ceramics by Japanese Designer Yumiko iihoshi

As the owner of this project everything that we stock are actually objects that I would own myself. Obviously there are only so many things that you can use on a daily basis, for this reason my personal collection of tableware mainly consists of ceramics by Yumiko iihoshi, a Japanese designer and maker who bases herself in Tokyo.

She has always maintained a presence here in the shop, early on I noticed the functionality in the objects and the beautiful glazes that she uses. Her newest ReiRABO collection is one that she has expanded on and I wanted to represent her work more thoroughly, before we were only stocking a small selection.

We hope you enjoy the newest range as seen here and will go on over to the shop to browse some more. It’s great that we are able to offer a more rounded selection and showcase the skill behind the design of her ceramics.

Click here to shop these new ceramics by Yumiko iihoshi →


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