New at OEN Shop – Wood Fired Pottery by Swedish Artist Stefan Andersson

I think even for the most skilled craftsmen producing truly one of a kind items is a very difficult thing to do. Yes, there a slight changed in the surface pattern or colour, but often through the repetitive nature of the work they accidentally take out a lot of the things that make these items so unique. That’s why I always try to support Stefan Andersson and the work that he’s producing at his studio in Sweden, his ceramics are modern looking but totally unique and use traditional methods.

Take for example the new Rustic Bud Vase, Shino Plate and Handled Dish seen here. They have been fired for two days straight in a wood kiln and all feature elements that make them distinct from one another. The bud vase is especially beautiful, not only has the shape warped during the firing you can also see where the ash has accumulated on the side of the pot over the two days inside the kiln. This means each vase has a slightly different colour pattern.

Therefore I am pleased to release these new works by Stefan in to the shop and hope you will consider them. I think you will agree they have lovely textures and a cutting simplicity about them. Enjoy.

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