New at OEN Shop – Metal Boxes & Canisters by Japanese Studio SyuRo

It’s been a while since I talked about SyuRo, but much like Yumiko iihoshi they also make some of the most functional objects that we stock in the store and are some that I own myself. The SyuRo studio was founded by Masuko Unayama in 2000 and she was inspired by the small factories crafting using the so called ‘Monozukuri’ philosophy.

In Japanese the literal meaning for this word is production but it can also be compared to the word ‘craftsmanship’ in English. More subtly I would categorise it as “creating superior products through the work of craftsmanship and continuous improvement”. I think this runs deep in Japanese society at many levels, but I especially feel like these works by Syuro strike the perfect balance between functional and well-made.

Personally I use mine in the office often, storing various things inside as they help keep my working space clean and tidy. I hope they will serve a functional purpose for you too. The whole selection can now be found in the shop. We hope you have a great weekend.

Click here to shop new metalwork by SyuRo →


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