New at OEN Shop – Blue Lacquer Chopsticks & Cherry Spoon by Yusuke Tazawa

We are very happy to receive a number of new works from Japanese craftsman Yusuke Tazawa. Something I find really appealing about working with the craftsmen here in the shop is that they are so open to ideas and working in collaboration. This is something other companies just don’t have the freedom to do, meaning we can make one of a kind objects just for our customers here at OEN.

I recently asked Yusuke if he would kindly interpret his own style in to a series of handcrafted chopsticks, what has arrived here at the studio is really special indeed. A lovely selection of blue lacquered chopsticks and a cherry scoop spoon that’s also nice on the eye. As well as the cutlery we also have the popular makiji lacquer plates and the chopstick boxes back in stock. We hope you like them and will go on over to the shop to view more.

New Works in Stock: Cherry Scoop SpoonBlue Urushi Chopsticks, Chopstick Box, Makiji Lacquer Dish

Click here to shop woodwork by Japanese craftsman Yusuke Tazawa →


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