Generous Minimalism – Objects Designed by Jonas Wagell for From the Bay

Hopefully these articles here offer inspiration for you to go off for yourself and explore. I suppose my hope is that I am able to offer something that opens up your mind to new thoughts and opportunities for ideas. Actually, I often get distracted myself, and this was the case when I came across the work of Jonas Wagell earlier in the week. There are so many different elements to his work and little bits of background information that really inspire me, thus I wanted to bring over some of his work here today to present to you all.

Jonas himself is a Swedish architect and designer who owns the JWDA studio in Stockholm. Originally trained as a graphic designer, later studying architecture and furniture design, Jonas is able to really focus on projects as a whole and manage many of the visual elements that others couldn’t. I’m really in awe of this approach and it inspires me to think of all these skills coming together and helping him create the best work possible.

He recently collaborated with From the Bay, a brand founded by an American creative who is now located in Taiwan. The goal of the company is to make contemporary, unique furniture and design objects that can be used by many. The initial range of lighting, furniture and objects were all designed by Jonas Wagell, but the company in the future will look to select innovative designers to work in collaboration with. I picked out the current collection for you all here and I hope you will go on to explore more on the links below. If you would like to read about Jonas Wagell in more detail I recommend reading here, there is an interview located at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.


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