Crafting Beautiful Spaces & Objects – Hardware by Tasmanian Studio IN-TERIA

Design is in the details. Probably a saying you’ve heard a million times, but it has always proven to be true for me and is a mentality that has even seeped in to my everyday life. So as I was browsing the web I came across this project by Tasmania-based studio IN-TERIA that’s lead by designer Karryn Dargie and architect Dean Baird. Their studio looks to mix contemporary and traditional concepts, sometimes reusing and adapting materials to a certain situation.

This imagery seen here is from their very first architectural hardware range, the O-series is a collection of timber handles, pulls and knobs for interior joinery. They are all handmade by local craftsmen and designed by IN-TERIA themselves, so the finished result is a collection of contemporary hardware with a handmade quality.

For me this project is interesting because we don’t usually think about these small pieces of design that help us on a daily basis. Failing to notice these often shows the success of a designer and how he’s able to slot something seamlessly in to our everyday life. Here are some photos from their catalogue, more can be seen and purchased on the link below.


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