Gradients of Change – Rust Homeware Collection by Designer Ariane Prin

Materials of change have become a life pursuit for some artists and designers. I can actually see the fascination with this concept and I’m also intrigued by this process myself. Stopping or limiting the change could be one, or using materials that slowly change over time is another, so both have positive and negative aspects to them. I think it just depends how you use them.

This series by designer Ariane Prin is really great and consists of a collection of vases, bowls, boxes and trays. The material itself is made from mixing metal dust left from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, then mixed with gypsum and acrylic and placed in a mould. None of them are exactly the same and vary in texture and colour, but this idea of using a completely new material is very nice indeed.

I suppose at first they seem like ceramics, but the metal shavings make this an object that will change and oxidise over time, hence the name ‘rust’ that was given to the collection. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the series, more can be seen on the link below. Also, make sure you watch the video embedded below to see how they’re made. Enjoy.