Ripples & Surface Variation – Mist Glass Containers by Tamer Nakisci

I’m sure every creative experiences a similar thing to this, but as someone who is heavily influenced by the construction of things the small details really come to the forefront of your mind. The things you revolve around on a daily basis are constantly appreciated and analysed, always going back and forth in your mind, thinking about what works and what doesn’t.

Alvar Aalto’s works for Iittala are some that I use frequently. Yes you can make glassware that’s full of colour and different layers, but the functionality and simplicity in Alvar Aalto’s designs will always be relevant. Planters, pen pots, key holders, there are an unlimited amount of uses for these simple pieces of design. A designer on a fairly similar wavelength is Istanbul-based Tamer Nakisci with this new collection for 2017 titled ‘Mist’.

Designed by Tamer Nakisci for Turkish glassware brand Nude, these are made from clear, corrugated crystal with a ripple effect running throughout. This effect was what attracted me to these vases, as they distort the appearance of what’s inside, bending the light if you will, but they also add texture and grip in the hand. Overall a great series and I reccomend viewing more on his portfolio linked below. Enjoy.