Colour Research Imagery by Kirstie Van Noort

I’ve brought across this small set of colour research imagery by Eindhoven based design student Kirstie Van Noort. This gives us a little visual summary on the early stages of designing a porcelain bowl. Kirstie has been experimenting with oxides and porcelain clay for over half a year now, setting out to create some original grades of colour.

Through mixing copper, nickel, chromium magnesium and cobalt oxide in different percentages with white porcelain, Kirstie is able to achieve a really personalized item that will get years of use. I love the idea of creating something you can use in your home everyday which is handcrafted and one of a kind, there’s a great sense of nostalgia attached to the whole idea.

I think sometimes we take for granted the smaller material things in our lives, viewing the traditional origins of something as simple as a bowl adds a little perspective to the importance of the everyday items we have around us. If you enjoy this imagery I’d recommend heading through to Kirstie’s profile to view the other projects that she has to offer, I found her portfolio quite diverse and interesting – I hope you do too.


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