Balancing Blocks by Part & Parcel

First up I have to thank the creative duo over at Baron Wells, Dominick Volini and Mads Madsen, for putting us on to this fantastic creative film that their friends at Part and Parcel have put together, it’s barely been touched but I have to credit them for the find nevertheless. For those interested we are actually running a short promotion in the online shop on all items Baron Wells this week, so pop in before Sunday to grab a bargain.

Back on topic here and I’ve no doubt this will become a huge hit over on Vimeo as it has all the ingredients to get shared around fast, it’s inventive, imaginative and lighthearted, it reminds me a little of the Eames projects back in their hay-day too. This project has actually been put together for Fort Standard who make these stone sized balancing blocks to build structures “focusing on height, speed or style”.

These come in sets of ten all of which are made from salvaged hardwood and finished with non toxic paints. I love the fact that Fort Standard have combined creativity and sensibility in equal measure – the vintage patina isn’t half bad in my humble opinion either. The film has been put together using a playful stop-motion style aided with the use of character voices to give these little blocks a dash of personality. It’s not too childish either, the team have made sure there’s enough captivating geometrics for the serious adults amongst us, so all round I think everyone will enjoy this project for one reason or another – even your nan.

For those enticed by these blocks your first designation should be the Fort Standard website, which along with the link to the Part & Parcel page I will place just below. In the meantime stop reading and start watching below – Enjoy!