Derek Wilson Shot by journeyfor for The Bureau

The Bureau in Belfast have been merging their creative talents and their outlet for promotion with Belfast filmmaking studio journeyfor. First it was a short film showcasing the inside of their shop, now they get together to highlight a creative named Derek Wilson through this short film below.

Derek happens to be an artist and ceramicist who shares his opinions not only on craftsmanship but also on good design and what it means to him personally. We also hear him shed a little light on why he likes clothing and how it translates over into his concept of creating, such as fabrics and the little details that inspire us here on the website.

The points that Derek highlights are quite true and pretty much run in tandem with what a lot of other creatives are feeling at this moment in time, it’s really important now more than ever to get out there and do something different. I like that The Bureau are highlighting the people that inspire them and hopefully they continue to do it more often in the future, it will be interesting to see the progression in this series. Although we don’t get to see many shots of Derek’s work and I would of liked it to have been a tad longer, which is just nitpicking really, this piece is definitely worth a watch and could compliment your day nicely.


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