Ceramic Artist Becky Grunder at Work

I seem to have developed a bit of a fascination with ceramics recently, so naturally when filmmaker Chris Grunder brought this insightful short film about a ceramic artist at work, I was compelled to watch on and try to learn a little more. We get an almost ten minute introduction into the artist Becky who actually turns out to be the filmmakers mother, as she explains her passion for creating, and shows us a trick or two on the wheel.

There really is something quite mesmerizing about seeing a pot shaped and moulded in front of your eyes, pottery is definitely a under appreciated art form so it’s refreshing to see that Becky has carved a career out of her hand made ceramics. I think Chris has done a great job of matching the hypontising movements of the wheel to an enticing sombre audio, presenting the film with a fantastic mood and atmosphere.

The piece has really inspired me to go out and find a class to join, I think you can enjoy creating pottery at any age, and I’m sure the schooling system wouldn’t be going too far wrong by adding this wonderful activity to their art curriculum. Watch on below and enjoy!


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