Sensitive Minute Details – Porcelain Works by Korean Artist Jong Min Lee


This idea of simplicity in ceramics is always an intriguing one for me, especially achieving harmony in both detail and form. I think many view this kind of work as ‘easy’ compared to the more decorative approaches throughout the years, but actually to go this route shows up any imperfections and means that everything must be in order to ensure all elements work harmoniously.

These porcelain vessels by Korean artist Jong Min Lee are particularly fascinating as he’s given this concept of decoration a new meaning. From afar they have all the hallmarks of those simple vessels created in the Joseon Dynasty, it’s only once you get up-close you notice that they’ve been intricately carved using the smooth porcelain surface as a canvas to convey Min Lee’s concept of nature flowing throughout. The angle of his carving is determined by the direction of the light shining, this creates unique shadows and depths depending on the placement of the piece.

Impressive in all aspects, I find it especially inspiring the amount of effort and time that has gone in to these. Not only does Jong have to make these flowing forms on the pottery wheel, he also has to risk losing these one of a kind pieces that take months to make in the unpredictable firing process. This uplifts them to a whole new stature, but origins of utility are still rooted throughout. Enjoy, and more can be found on his website linked below.