Fired Fruits, The Story of Potter Jonathan Garratt

This morning I came across this short documentary by filmmaker David Hobson on the work of Dorset based potter Jonathan Garratt. Jonathan Garratt has specialised in making distinctive and unusual terracotta pots for over 30 years and currently enjoys a reputation as one of Britain’s foremost garden artists.

He has a real passion for plants, which definitely informs his designs, with all the pots being made from local clay refined at the pottery and are fired exclusively with wood from the locality to produce subtle, natural colours on the finished pieces. I’m a big admirer of videos that talk to craftsmen about their creative work and also have close up shots of the master doing his thing. You really can’t beat the whole idea behind pottery and the mix with the plants really brings out something natural and simple, quite honest in a lot of ways. I think David Hobson has done a great job with the filming since I can imagine the light was low inside the pottery house, so good stuff all round. You’re sure to enjoy this mini documentary, watch on below.


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