Set of Ceramics by Maria Kristofersson

It’s hard to grumble at a little Nordic inspiration to start the week off so I’ve brought across the work of Swedish creative Maria Kristofersson as I really enjoyed browsing over her ceramic collection this weekend. Maria is often noted for her rugged yet quirky creations that hold quite an individual aesthetic. It’s evident that although Maria tends to work in conventional forms crafting bowls, plates and various vessels she doesn’t want to be defined as a clean cut ceramist, rather fulfilling an urge to leave a bohemian imprint upon these things.

I’m a big fan of the idea of having a collection of really individual ceramic pieces that make their way out the cupboard when friends come to visit, Maria’s creations fit right into this category for me. Her works are the sort of objects you want to pick up and note the imperfections and differences for their character, in a good way because it’s wonderful to know each is one of a kind in every essence of the phrase.

If you enjoy these I’d really recommend heading over to her webpage which has been designed and complimented with photographs taken by the artist herself, so it seems their isn’t much Maria wont turn her hand to in order to express herself. Aside from what we have here I found some of the hinge mechanisms that she had created to be really fascinating, not something you see with every ceramicist. Well worthy of a visit, I’m not too sure where you can purchase these if something really takes your fancy but I’m sure a quick email to the creator would clear this up, so why not head across.


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