Meaningful Forms – Glass & Ceramic Work by Designer Carina Seth Andersson

I’ve always admired designers who have been able to work with companies and still keep their distinctive style and ethos. Obviously you have Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison and Kenya Hara, among many others, but one creative that I’ve been admiring a lot lately is Swedish Designer Carina Seth Andersson.

Carina designs glass and ceramic work at her studio in Gustavsberg, Sweden. Her commissions so far are with the likes of Iittala, Hackman, Skruf, CBI, Svenskt Tenn AB, Marimekko and Fogia. Her goal is to find a balance between simplicity and meaningful form, which I think she has definitely achieved in all of her projects so far.

Her design is stripped back and minimalist, which actually makes for a very powerful portfolio when viewed as a whole. Often people think functional design lacks any impact, but actually showing this work here really proves that mentality wrong. Here are a few images of Carina’s work and a couple from inside her studio, more can be seen on the website linked below. Enjoy.