Short film on Sarah and John Burrows of Wood Design

Short film on Sarah and John Burrows of Wood Design image

As the evening draws in I thought I’d bring across this short film that shares the story of Sarah and John Burrows, who run a website I’ve been enjoying on a daily basis for quite a number of months now. Wood Design, if you’ve not come across it before, offers a selection of handcrafted furniture from various craftsmen and women based in the North of America. After visiting each independent the pair photograph and share an array of work in their online shop, as well as running a small but insightful blog which I currently can’t get enough of.

I guess to a few of you it might seem a little odd that I’m highlighting another shop given we run to a similar sort of formula here. However I like to think that in doing what we do, particularly through the blog, we are part of something bigger than ourselves, in fact being involved in a larger creative community is the fuel that keeps our fire going. It’s easy to take heart from stories like Sarah and John’s who’ve taken the plunge into the unknown and created something of their own, because ultimately we’re in the same boat and we’ve got a huge amount of respect for others on a similar path.

I don’t want to give too much away as I think it’s always best to hear a story from the original source, but typical of many start up businesses the couple made the decision on the next step whilst travelling. John had left an unfulfilling job in finance and the pair happened to stumble into a restaurant with a beautiful handcrafted table. I’m sure you can see where this is going, so maybe it’s best if you stop reading and start watching to see what you think for yourself. Be sure to check their blog afterwards too, like I said above it’s a personal favourite of mine so I trust they won’t disappoint.


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