New at OEN Shop – Metalworks by Japanese Craftsman Takeo Suhara of Yuta Craft

Takeo Suhara is a talented metalworker who lives and works in Minoh, a prefecture of Osaka in Japan. Today I wanted to share a few photos from inside his studio and highlight the restock of works from his collection in the shop. I think it’s interesting to see in the photos many of the traditional tools that he uses in his workshop, but the forms that he crafts are uniquely modern and almost perfect in terms of the finish.

All of the objects have been restocked and we have also added a new spoon to the collection. When I saw this piece I was completely in awe. Our other popular Brass Coffee Spoon by Rieko Fujimoto is similar but different in both weight and shape, the mouth here is shallow but the quality is exceptional and I urge you all to take a look in the shop at Takeo’s objects as they are really one of a kind.

This will actually be the last restock from him before he relocates to a new studio, so I recommend stocking up on any of his works as it may be a while before more come in to stock. We hope you have a great day.

Click here to shop brass metalworks by Takeo Suhara of Yuta Craft →


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