Set Of Imagery From Noah Kalina

For some reason or another I’ve not brought photographer Noah Kalina’s work across into our archive before, which is a bit of a mistake on my part because he’s such a talented photographer in my eyes. Living out of Brooklyn, New York, Noah is a constant creator of beautiful refined imagery, he occasionally dabbles in film too.

One of my favorite projects from Noah was the one in which he took a photo of his face each and every day for six years. It was quite fascinating to watch Noah literally age in front of your eyes, I think the piece summaries the dedication the man has to his craft. It’s rare to visit his flickr profile and not find any new content freshening up his page, I’m often left with the dilemma of having great contacts with no new projects but I’ve not had this issue with Noah.

The set we have here is a bit of a mixed bag but in his defense I think each of these photos are strong enough to speak for themselves. These seemed to catch my eye the most out of his recent work, I strongly recommend heading over to his website for a little more though if you enjoy these, his portfolio is pretty vast.


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