Mixed Architectural Imagery by Artechnic

I always have mixed feelings towards architecture, especially when I put together an article here on the site. It’s hard to come across works that really entice me and usually the ones that do have already been written about. Another problem is the ‘new modern’ trend that seems to be spreading across the richer parts of the world, particularly in the cities that are expanding such as Shanghai and Tokyo. I like it when architects build humble dwellings that offer an orientation in lifestyle, whether that be a promotion of a certain activity or a general feeling towards life in general. I say the word ‘activity’ because I remember watching a documentary on Le Corbusier earlier in the year and I was enthralled by his modernist building Villa Savoye in the outskirts of Paris, France. It has all sorts of elements to it that promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle, also a functional roof which serves as a garden and terrace, reclaiming for nature the land occupied by the building. I think it’s quite a crazy idea that sits well with me, not necessarily fitness but even a zen type habitat that is accustom to the ways of the human being. I also think it’s important to preserve the land that the buildings are on and make sure it blends in with the environment around it.

One architecture firm that’s been a source of inspiration for me personally is Artechnic, which has ‘the strong belief in the ability of architecture to enrich daily life’. I like this little tagline since architecture tends to have a bad name and I think we need to remember the amount it can do for humanity. These guys focus on the simplicity of daily life but use complex forms and shapes to create structures that transcend time. When I look at these buildings in picture form it’s impossible to date them, and that’s what I like about the whole vibe and aesthetic, it’s also nice to see that the interiors aren’t excessive and are restricted somewhat. It makes me want to go back to basics and have only objects that I truly cherish in my house.

So I decided to pick out some of my favourite images so you can get a feeling for what they do, maybe it will even inspire you to draw up some of your own plans one day. A few things to note would be the curves mixed with the structured lines, also the usage of natural materials, such as wood, which is a nice compliment against the white or textured concrete. In fact texture is a key element in a lot of the buildings, check out the two images from the bottom, this house is named shell and is probably one of their most experimental projects produced in 2008. It features amazing curves that have a textured background, alongside stark clean lines which really merge the whole building together, it blurs the line between character and minimalism. I hope you enjoy what I’ve selected, to see more head to the Artechnic website.



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