Set of Imagery from Felix Odell

Felix Odell is a photographer who’s talents we’ve celebrated before in the past, so last weekend as I was looking for a little inspiration I took a revisit to his webpage to see what he had been up to. As always Felix didn’t disappoint and I’ve brought across a series of imagery he put together for Monocle not too long ago. The selection we have here highlights a beautiful home which sits within an isolated archipelago in northern Sweden which is considered by many to be a separate state, you can see why in the above image.

Since architecture has become quite a frequent topic on our blog I felt this project would fit right into what we’ve all been enjoying, as this Swedish bolt hole is really quite something. With ample natural light flooding through it’s windows you get a great sense of the house being very at one with it’s environment. I’d imagine this spot to be so peaceful given the fact it’s worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it must be a great place for clarity of thought and a little creative handiwork.

I was really fond of the way Felix went about this series highlighting the homes character especially in the interior shots. As a photographer he’s covered many projects for Monocle and has also had work covered in Dwell as well so on a design front the man is well credited. I’d definitely recommend heading over to his portfolio and seeing if he’s worth following in your opinion, but for me it’s a bit of a no brainer.


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