North Bay House by Prentiss Architects

We couldn’t reach wednesday without a little architecture to satisfy our creative cravings, so I’ve sourced a recent build by Seattle based studio Prentiss Architects which will hopefully cater for everyone’s needs. This home is actually quite deceptive as it’s a lot larger than it looks here, I don’t however think we can criticise the studio for this, in fact it’s more of a compliment as the last thing you want a house to do is stand out bullishly in it’s environment.

Personally I think they’ve done an incredible job of blending the structure into it’s surroundings, I was especially a taken back by the low profile roof with it’s accompanying wildlife. Living so close to a beautiful landscape must have such a feel good factor for the lucky individuals who call this place home. The views here are to die for and I can imagine that the backdrop of the bay must bring quite a peaceful atmosphere each morning, great for an early breakfast.

Another thing that impressed me aside from this particular build was the multi facetted philosophy of the Prentiss studio. As a collective they don’t seem to consider architecture as a limitation, they are equally interested in solving issues smaller in size such as furniture and all things interior also. It’s always refreshing when you come across a group of individuals that see being a designer as an open ended role. Perhaps if Ray and Charles Eames taught us anything it was that creativity knows few boundaries, so why not head over to the Prentiss webpage and get a little inspired, who knows perhaps one day you may build a house of your own.


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