The Shirt Photographed by Koto Bolofo for Margaret Howell

Routing around this morning I came across a series that I viewed earlier in the month taken by photographer Koto Bolofo for Margaret Howell. At the time I really enjoyed the selection but I didn’t really get a chance to see the full series as such, so when I floated across to the Japanese version of the Margaret Howell website and viewed these in full screen I thought they were definitely relevant and would fit in nicely with our content today.

As with all Maggy Howell campaigns these photographs are clean cut and easy on the eye, the subtle tones in this black and white photography definitely lend themselves to the aesthetic of the brand. Koto Bolofo has done a great job, no wonder why he’s won various accolades for his fashion photography. These are obviously taken on film as well which is quite interesting in itself considering most shoots are all going digital.

This isn’t just your typical fashion shoot though, it presents us with an inside look of the Margaret Howell shirt factory based in Edmonton, London. Also a quick look at a shirt which I think would of been better to view on a male model, I guess this is mainly focused for women which is quite a shame. Margaret tends to do that and keeps the men hiding slightly in the background, maybe one day we’ll see more and more male content. For now enjoy these below, I’d recommend viewing them all in full screen on the Japanese website for full effect. More can be read on photographer Koto Bolofo on the Nowness website.