Feature with American Potter and Sculptor Adam Silverman


Today I’m proud to present to you all our newest feature, an interview with Los Angeles potter and sculptor Adam Silverman. As the years roll on and the site develops I always appreciate the creatives that I get to interview and the conversations I have with them. Just like you, I’m a fan myself, so I just ask them questions that I’d personally like to know, or ones that I think might be inspiring overall. I can only hope that this passion runs off on you guys and gals.

Adam is a bit of a legend in my eyes, he’s lived quite a life so far, experiencing a variety of creative professions. All are quite different from each other but have one common theme, the ability to express himself and be creative. When I heard that a book was releasing at the end of the year focusing on Adam Silverman’s work exclusively, it seemed like a perfect time to quiz him on his work and life. The monograph by Rizzoli will release September 24th, 2013, which can be pre-ordered on the Heath Ceramics website today.

So a few things to tease you with before you go off and read the feature. Adam’s background is in architecture, which he studied at The Rhode Island School of Design alongside a degree in Fine Arts. After working various architectural jobs, he moved quickly in to the fashion industry, co-founding a well-known clothing company named X-Large with Mike D of the Beastie Boys and Eli Bonerz. During that time Adam was getting his creative fix from pottery, experimenting with different forms and techniques at a local studio. In 2002 he made the transition from hobby to full-time potter, and now in 2013, with many years of hard work and dedication, Adam exhibits his work all around the world.

I won’t spoil the interview too much, but I feel this gives you a nice introduction to the full piece. I want to also thank photographer Katrina Dickson for giving me the approval to use her stunning studio photos, which showcase Adam making on the wheel and mixing glazes in his workshop. I recommend you check out her website here to see other photographs that she’s taken in the past. Enjoy!

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