A Tranquil Haven – MUJI Base Kamogawa

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Nestled in the serene landscapes of Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture, the MUJI BASE KAMOGAWA offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Japan’s natural beauty. Here, amidst rice fields like Oyama Senmaida, the closest terraced rice field to Tokyo, you’ll discover the authentic Satoyama lifestyle—a harmonious existence with the land’s bountiful offerings, including trees, flowers, and birds.

MUJI BASE, a concept ingeniously designed to repurpose idle assets like vacant houses across Japan, invites you to savor a community-based lifestyle complemented by MUJI’s renowned products. In an era where lifestyles and work dynamics are ever-evolving, the notion of a sanctuary—a place where you yearn to return time and again—is deeply cherished.

MUJI BASE KAMOGAWA embodies this vision, offering a tranquil haven devoid of superfluous amenities. Instead, it encourages you to become one with the local community’s unique way of life. During your stay, you’ll not only find solace in familiar comforts but also nurture a deeper understanding of the Kamogawa region’s cultural richness. MUJI BASE is not just a destination; it’s your gateway to forging connections with local communities and creating your very own “bases” across Japan.


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