Gipsy House by Architect Craig Steely

Since opening up his own studio in 1995 architect Craig Steely has been turning heads with his creations, gaining recognition from the American Institute of Architects and getting published in the likes of Dwell, New York and Los Angeles Times. So it’s hardly surprising when browsing through his website that I found a project of his that I wanted to add to our archive, as his Gipsy house which we’re showcasing today is absolutely stunning.

With an obvious reference to a Scandinavian style of designing this home is defined by it’s vast array of natural light and clean cut minimal aesthetic. By using a combination of different wood textures Craig has created a warm, homely scenario which is far from clinical and ever so easy on the eye. I’m particularly fond of the way the greens of the trees are subtlety framed by the windows which adds a refreshing extra colour to the overall palette inside the house.

I’m sure you will agree Craig is an outstanding architect and one well worth following for a little bit of inspiration if you’re a designer. I often find myself drawing what I’d consider to be my dream home when I’ve got too much time on my hands and Craig’s portfolio is the perfect tool to provoke my imagination on that front, I hope this home does the same for you too.


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