Selection of work from Fairfax & Sammons Architecture

I’ll be the first to admit that these builds are a lot grander than we would traditionally share, but I just got blown away by their attention to detail and use of natural light, so I’m making an exception to the rule today. All of the below have either been built completely from scratch or restored to former glory by Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons who are passionate architects come historians, known for their commitment to the ideals of classicism.

I’ve opted to showcase more of their country collection of work as I’m a bit of a sucker for a home surrounded by greenery, especially when the interior is as warm and welcoming as what we have here. Looking over the collection I’ve put together I was impressed with the diverse range of windows that they’ve incorporated into the design of these traditional homes, some of which have quite a contemporary feel to them yet they don’t feel a shade out of place.

The married couple actually have a monograph that has been published by Rizzoli who rarely disappoint with their publications. In fact one of our favourite books Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson was put together by the same publisher, so I’m adding a mental note to look for “American Houses: The Architecture of Fairfax & Sammons” next time I’m browsing for a book. If this collection of work is anything to go by I’m sure this is a fantastic resource for inspiration.

The majority of what you can see here is located in America, however Anne and Richard have undertaken projects all over the globe making them one of the most internationally recognised architect firms that specialise in a traditional style. In my opinion their portfolio is simply breathtaking so if you have a keen interest in architecture I’d recommend heading across to their webpage to view a little more.


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