Collection of Goods from Restoration Hardware

Neither of us spend much time watching television, however when we do take a little down time we can be caught watching documentaries on vintage antiques and restorations. So today I thought I’d bring a little of this influence into the format and my internet digging landed me upon the webpage of American based company Restoration Hardware who own a great number of stores thought the United States and Canada.

I know these aren’t independent like we traditionally feature here but I was really impressed with the quality of the reproductions they’ve created. Often reconstructed out of repurposed and reclaimed materials Restoration Hardware aim to breathe new life into their products, referencing some designs found in this set as early as the 1900’s. These luxury goods aren’t going to be in everyones price bracket, however I think we can all admire the authentic nature of these pieces regardless, I’d personally love to feature some of these items around my home.

One of the first pieces that initially caught my eye in their online store was the British railway flood lamp which can be seen in the final image below. They’ve readapted the design that once was powered by kerosene and it’s now run on a simple filament bulb in the interest of fire safety. This doesn’t subtract any of the nostalgia of the piece for me as it still looks so timeless and classic, perhaps there are a few purists who would disagree, but with it’s extended lifeline and pristine condition it’s pretty hard to grumble.

They’ve got some fantastic pieces up for the offering over on their webpage so I’d really recommend taking a browse if you’re in the market for some really individual furniture. Lots of these items have been handmade here in Europe which is a nice change, so head across and see what you think, who knows it might inspire you to design something similar yourself.


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