Lacquered Paper-Objects by Nendo

The talented individuals at Japanese design studio Nendo were kind enough to send me these photos of this wonderful new project that they’ve undertaken titled “Lacquered Paper-Objects”. Basically they’ve produced a small container which has been created using a 3D printer that cuts, stacks and pastes the sheets of paper one by one. The lacquer adhered thickly to the edges of the stacked paper results in an odd texture which could be likened to wood grain, basically giving it the appearance of a wooden container when it’s actually paper.

This imagery above and below photographed by Masayuki Hayashi really shows the process from start to finish, how they construct the bowls from chipping it out of a paper structure, to sanding each element down so the lid fits on each container perfectly. They then take it out to a separate workshop where they apply a special paint which finishes it off nicely and also adds a protective layer. These remind me of the SIWA products by Naoto Fukasawa in our shop, so incredible how they’re made out of paper and how they can be used in everyday life. Blows my mind every time. Obviously these are slightly different in terms of their function and how it’s been made, but overall I think it’s a great concept and is something that I would like to own myself.

One thing I’ve really liked the idea of lately is collecting different objects that have a lot character and a story of their own, maybe even a quirky concept which becomes a real talking point. For example I’ve got some glass Alvar Aalto dishes that blend pretty well into the surrounding environment but when someone asks about them I can always whittle off some historic facts about the pieces and the designer behind it. Maybe this will make you think differently about the objects you own over the weekend and how you use them, these pieces by Nendo do exactly that for me.


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