Sycamore House by Aaron Neubert Architects

I’m completely in love with this Sycamore House by Aaron Neubert and his dedicated team of architects, it’s my favourite piece of modern residential architecture that I’ve come across in a long while. Ironically this is mainly because it’s been evolved from the 1950’s building which existing on the site and adapted to incorporate the hillside closer to the home. Throughout the house we see references to the mid-century modern style, with large glass windows and an abundance of classic wood furnishings as prominent features.

In a bid to bring the home as close to it’s surrounding environment as possible the Sycamore tree literally flows through the structure of the bedroom, which can be seen in the second image of this set. If the home itself wasn’t impressive enough the location provides absolutely stunning scenery, the viewpoint allows the owner to forget about the hustle of Los Angles and simply relax in a space perfect for clarity of thought.

I’m a big fan of the balance the team have found in regards to privacy within the house, the street view of the property is minimal in contrast to the rest of the home and it’s large windows. On the topic of views I love the idea of waking up with the sunrise each morning, especially when you have these scenes running down the hill, I’m sure it would provide the perfect start to a busy day.

If you enjoy this project I’d urge you to click across to the ANX webpage where Aaron Neubert works as the principle architect, here you will find a vast range of projects that challenge how contemporary architecture should be constructed. Finally at the close of the week I bid you all a great weekend, hopefully we’ve inspired a few of you to fill time with lots of creative projects!


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