Adrift By Paul Joy & Peter Naylor

I think creativity is a worldwide concept but it feels great when you find creatives close to home that create work that you can admire and enjoy, it makes you feel like your not the only one that understands and thinks that way. Paul Joy is based in England and is working independently creating visual production, after spending many years in an advertising agency Paul became inspired more and more by his interest in video. The project he brings us today is a collaborative piece with Peter Naylor who has just set up his own production company, the concept was based around twisting a scene of a dream on its head and transforming the perception the viewer has of what they expect to happen. Its a pretty simple concept but its filmed and executed so well that it deserved to be viewed by a larger audience. If you want to hear more about how this project came about and future pieces from both parties involved you can follow them through their respective web spaces via the link bellow.

Find more from Paul Joy here

& Peter Naylor here


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