Album Artworks From Christian Bielke & Martin Stousland

Norwegian music artist Chris Lee looked to Christian Bielke and Martin Stousland for some visual art direction for his latest album love ghost. He Released his debut album “Worry No” 2 year ago. Since then, he has grown as an artist, experimenting with different music styles and his own vocal. The album is described as a futuristic and commercial pop album. The title of his latest piece became the concept that underpinned the whole concept for the artwork of the album, they took the idea of a ghost and pictured what a stereotypical image of one would be. From this base ideal they went about capturing a clean and white character for the front of the piece, keeping a minimalistic concept meant the detailing of face was brought out well, and it leads for quite a striking image. I really like how the pair of them have captured the finer details of the face on this project, and the use of the eye for the disk is a great touch. Represented by multi-disciplinary design agency Anti design professionally the pair have worked together on various projects, you can find many more pieces like this one below on the site – linked below.

Graphic design: Christian Bielke & Martin Stousland
Art direction: Christian Bielke & Martin Stousland
Photo: PÃ¥l Laukli
Styling: Trude Mokkelbost

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