Born That Way By Tony McNeal

Director Tony Mcneal brings us the best short scripted film ive seen in a long while. Born in Detriot Mechigan He remembers “memorable films left and incredible impression on me from an early age”, he began his career as a Junior Editor at Griot Editorial and it was the Griots general manager that predicted he would be in Los Angeles making films within six months. It fact he was living there in four, and once living in the entertainment capital of the world he could immediately express himself on a professional level, creating motion graphics for commercials at first and moving later onto his own creations, the latest one being this short film born that way. Currently on the festival circuit with this production, Tony is also writing the feature – length version with production of this starting very soon.

Its good to see some great narrative film for a change, its been a little while since ive been captured by the brilliance of written production. I think the selection process in the creation of this piece has defined how captivating this short film is. Throughout we see this American suburban theme running, adding to the realism and making the action believable the scene is in the right location, too many times ive seen these sorts of scenes shot in an affluent area which is less unlikely, and too be honest not believable. Mcneal has thought of all the finer details of his scenes, and that I believe is a true sign of a great film maker, its easy to create a shoot out scene, but very tricky to make it realistic.

When ex-con and hard-as-nails, Jake Green, finally gets a chance to see his daughter after six months, he takes her out for a quick bite only to wind up in the middle of an armored car heist. The violent incident leaves a lasting impression on his daughter and influences her choice to pursue a dangerous and lucrative career later in life.

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