The Allure of Nature – Paintings by Australian Abstract Artist Hannah Fox

It’s great to see the subtleties that artists put forward in their work, especially those who pursue an abstract style. I suppose abstract artists are a little unusual in their approach and quite risky. They often use vivid brush strokes in order to convey some meaning, even if the onlooker might find this same concept hard to grasp. So when I came across the work of Hannah Fox it made me think about the different methods used to convey such meaning and how they have been implemented.

Hannah Fox is an Australian artist who likes to experiment with space, light, colour and texture. Sometimes she creates works in a series, other times individual artworks that have different patterns and use a varying colour palette. The technique that interested me the most was the use of blotching where she dabs the paint across the surface in a number of movements, using different brush sizes to create unique patterns.

The techniques have been pretty varied throughout her portfolio. Some feature elongated shapes and others have more of a circular pattern but all revolve around simple aesthetics and conveying what might be overlooked in our everyday lives. Creating more abstract visual representations of the moments that happen on a daily basis. If art can help us appreciate the present moment then I think it can have a positive effect on our lives, so I’m happy an artist like Hannah Fox is enabling that for us. Here is a small selection of works that I picked out from her portfolio, more can be found on her website linked below. She has a great eye for creating clean, contemporary art.


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