Collection Of Creatives From Georgia Kuhn

London photographer Georgia Kuhn produced this short series of photography documenting the identity of various creatives that she could get her hands on who work in a vast range of industries, a collection of portraits with a real strong diversity and individualism. Its great to see and something I think life is about in this day and age, being diverse collectively. We live in such a multi-cultural society that its about time we broke some stereotypes and learn from each other’s cultures, attitudes and life styles.

Creatives included: Christian Siekmeier – (Curator) , Geneva Foster Gluck – (Performance Artist), Husam El Odeh – (Jewellery Design), Alice Wolfbauer – (Costume Designer), Dana Veron – (Musician & Actress), Byron Pritchard – (Artist), Gabriela Koleva – (Stylist), Shaun Bass – (Visual Artist & DJ), Winta Yohannes – (Film Director), Matthew Hise – (Photographer), Emily Flake (Illustrator), Fritz Stolberg – (Artist & Filmmaker)

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