Dwell Visits Herman Miller

New York filmmaker Gary Nadeau brings us the third instalment of the recent series he has been capturing with Dwell “The Full Spectrum”. In this episode of the documentary style working they speak to Susan Lyons at the Herman Miller Headquarters. If you didn’t catch the Josef Albers instalment I’d recommend a quick search through the archives, well worth a watch over with a cup of tea.

Senior editor Aaron Britt meets Susan Lyons to discuss a little of what goes on at the back end of Herman Miller, the design process they undertake and of course the selection of colours on their product. A pretty personal gaze into what makes Herman Miller tick, Gary and Jason have once again have captured some stunning imagery to compliment concise informative content.




Directed, Produced | Gary Nadeau
Series Producer for Dwell | Amanda Dameron
Cinematography | Jason Koontz
Sound & Edit | Jason Koontz & Gary Nadeau
Music | Wonderful