Perat By Gustav Willeit

Fine art styled photography collection from Gustav Willeit who can be currently located around Corvara in Badia, Italy, these are just stunning in every aspect of the word, the clean sharp capture combined with the vast and beautiful landscapes is the perfect combination for visual success. These sorts of series of images are the one’s I describe as publication ready, there just crying out to be printed onto page and be viewed, there great to browse through and ultimately inspiring. I think you can be inspired by photography whatever you career, visual production if good enough is purely empowering. That being said I love the little human presence in this collection, it just shows our lack significance as individuals in this world, you mean nothing alone. Its such a simple little twist but it provides thought for the viewer which I think we need, we need to be questioned and puzzled, it makes life more rewarding. Browse over these beautiful above and below and if your still hungry for more after head over to Gustav Willeit’s personal page, linked below.

Find more visual workings from Gustav Willeit here


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