Sensory Journeys – Abstract Artworks by Meeyoung Kim

Abstract Artworks by Meeyoung Kim 8

Renowned South Korean artist Meeyoung Kim has crafted a distinctive painting style, employing the ‘wet-on-wet’ technique in her mesmerising abstract artworks. By layering fresh paint over still-wet colours, Kim captures the fleeting sensations and memories found in everyday life. She further enhances the three-dimensional and dynamic quality of her work by using knives, spatulas, and her own hands instead of traditional brushes, constantly expanding her unique techniques.

Kim perceives the canvas as a world of infinite dimensions and begins her creative process by mixing turpentine oil and cerulean blue, spreading the mixture evenly over the surface. This combination of materials metaphorically expresses the collision between sea level and current, creating a sense of speed and massive movement akin to that found deep in nature. In her recent works, Kim draws inspiration from the impressions and tactile points of the sea, methodically building these senses through preparatory works before diving into the painting process. Her work explores the all-overness of paintings with actual volume through “made” painting, rather than “drawn.”

Colour plays a crucial role in Meeyoung Kim’s work, invoking the full range of bodily senses and the intuitive experience of the four seasons. Her artwork evokes the warmth of a summer sun, the soothing scent of lemon and mint, or the transition from autumn to winter as leaves darken and fall. Kim’s focus on the senses is deeply rooted in years of observation and reflection on non-material objects, pushing her work towards a sculptural form that sits between painting and sculpture. By continually experimenting with the nature of existence on the canvas, Meeyoung Kim challenges the boundaries between drawing and making, resulting in striking and captivating works of art.

Abstract Artworks by Meeyoung Kim 3

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Abstract Artworks by Meeyoung Kim 9

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