Reacting to Found Objects – Art and Sculpture by Artist Marcel Frey


I’m noticing a theme in the design world at the moment, where the designer is using art as a way to bring together and group their work. Sometimes the two don’t compliment each other, which is usually intentional, but other times the art works in collaboration with the design objects themselves. Marcel Frey places a strong focus on “design” objects, often using these as a basis for many of his artworks on canvas and later his sculpture.

By drawing on and reacting to found items he’s able to examine and question the methods of artistic production. He’s also querying many of the functional design decisions that we make and the artistic potential of the items found in our everyday surroundings. I certainly like this ideas of making us look closer at objects and examining them in more detail.

Many of the works that I’m showcasing today are from the “Perforythme” series, which were exhibited at the Thomas Fischer gallery in Germany. This particular series uses overlapping structors and sculptural arrangements as a theme, which are playfully interacting with one another. Overall, I love the way that Marcel Frey has combined all these different art forms, it makes the whole experience in an exhibit really fulfilling and quite unique. Hopefully you like these too and will view more on his website below, you won’t be disappointed.