A Moment With Artist Kid Zoom

Browsing through the various creative networks this morning I became particularly impressed by the work of Australian born and New York based street artist “Kid Zoom” in this short film which has been produced by King Brown Magazine. In this film we get a little look into the process ozzy artist undertakes, I found it quite a fascinating watch and was particularly admiring the levels of detail that the artists was able to produce through just the use of a spray can.

Granted the work he is producing here is a little creepy, however when your watching this piece develop in front of your eyes you can’t help but appreciate the skill set of this young fellow. I think often there is a lot of stigma attached to graffiti as a form, which can leave great art projects like this one being overlooked and under appreciated.

Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes so I think we would be doing the art world a little injustice if we didn’t include some in the format from time to time. For those that enjoy this piece King Brown represents the thriving movement of street art and graffiti so feel free to head on through via the link below for a little more.