Work by Artist Carl Hammoud

Living and working out of Stockholm, Swedish Carl Hammoud becomes the latest creative to enter our archive of inspiring creative people. Having graduated from the University of Gothenburg in 2004 Carl continued to improve his skill set as an artist and has involved himself in many impressive exhibitions both solo and selected groups.

The majority of work we are viewing here today has been constructed using layers of oils, however Carl uses quite an expansive array of different techniques throughout his portfolio. I think what particularly attracted me to the pieces of work that we have here was the warm coloration throughout the set. looking at the colour groups found within they sit on a nice parallel with the natural tones of autumn which will soon be upon us.

Aside from the coloration it’s hard not to admire the clean lines and eye catching composition of Carl’s minamlistic style, I love the fact he takes everyday spaces and turns them from ordinary to eye catching art. As well as the various other techniques that Carl showcases on his web folio such as graphite and watercolours on paper he also has a few installations that he’s been involved in – so his page is well worth a view if these interest you.


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