Short Film on Vyrobeno lesem Collective

When you sit and consider for a moment how many objects, foods and materials around us are synthetic it makes me feel a little uneasy, I don’t agree that price of something is where its real value lies. As time passes I feel myself moving more and more towards items with organic origins, I like to be able to sit comfortably knowing the background of the items that I spend my hard earned currency on. I’m sure if you’re anything like me it’s a real joy to discover short films like these that highlight the connections and inspirations behind a product or project. Today I stumbled upon the Vyrobeno lesem Collective who are based in the Czech Republic, a group of individuals who also see the world we live in a little differently.

The film in question approaches their curation of handmade craft with quite a zen like nature, attune to the natural ways in which these items are all made. The project shown here uses the forest to inspire, inform, and drive elements of contemporary product and graphic design. It certainly lends itself to a slower more considered way of life, something which I’m constantly trying to apply to my own life, a concept found at home most frequently in, yes you guessed it, Japan. Of course there are other areas of the world where this approach can be applied, I just love how the Japanese entwine this within their culture, it seems just seems like the way it should be.

If you hadn’t noticed already through the image above the art of glass blowing features a fair amount in the film, alongside drawings and creations of furniture. This combining of design and art as one sat well with me also, it’s great to see a range of talents under one roof, you can tell all these creative minds are bouncing off one another in the projects they produce. I loved how they cast pine needles and other matter from the forest floor into the glass, I’ve not seen this done before so I’m keen to see the resulting object. I’m off to see if I can find this on their website, in the meantime press play and see what you think to their work. For further information on those involved I’ll leave the link for Vyrobeno lesem just below. Enjoy!


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