Set of Imagery from the Analogue Life Store

Japan is always a good place to start if you’re in the mood for a little handcrafted creation, so today we’re heading towards the wonderful imagery found in Nagoya’s very own Analogue Life store. Offering a range of contemporary Japanese house wear products created in a traditional style, Analogue houses the work of many artisans all working out of their own small studios employing techniques which have been perfected over generations.

I think what we love most about craft and all things hand made is the connection each piece has with its creator, which is something we gradually seem to be losing over time here in the west. Sometimes I think it’s worth forking out that little bit extra for a item which has that special element of personality. The items we have here contain so much story behind them already, which isn’t something you can buy on the mass market.

I’m really fond of unearthing items like we have here on my internet travels, it’s the challenge of finding products that have real heart and a genuine concept behind them that makes each find all the sweeter. If you enjoy what we have here I’d recommend heading across to the webpage of the Analog Life store which is frequently updated with looks like these.