Found or Made – Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corväiá

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 1

Jojo Corväiá is a Berlin-based Venezuelan contemporary artist who creates unique organic-looking ceramic artworks made of volcanic ash and other raw materials. Over the years, the artist has also experimented with bronze to create highly textured and oxidized vessels. Through both his clay and bronze work the artist intends to reflect his essence and uncover nature’s phenomena and geological formations. This holistic approach grants his sculptural objects and furniture pieces with a distinctive ancient and mysterious look that makes us question where they come from: Are they found objects, or are they artworks?

Jojo studied Architecture and Graphic Design in Caracas, Venezuela. For over 25 years, Corväiá developed multimedia projects and, five years ago, decided to focus on experimenting with clay and ceramics as a sculptural medium. The artist’s working process is deeply conceptual as he works on series that deal with far-reaching ideas like freedom of expression, abstraction, and imperfection. It’s also an autobiographical journey on which he pours his essence into every piece without knowing what the final result will be. In this way, a crucial component of the artist’s process is the tactile relationship he builds with each material he works shaping it directly with his hands without the use of tools like the electric wheel. Next to his ceramic works, on occasion, the artist experiments with bronze and recreates the style of his clay works by oxidizing each piece through a chemical process that involves heat and Sulphur. Overall, Corväiá’s works are filled with experimental glazes and pigments, cracks, rough edges, and contrasting textures. They are beautifully imperfect.

Notably, while linked by the same aesthetic, the artist’s body of work is diverse. Some works are small-sized vessels and bowls that have an aged appearance, while others are tables that resemble nature’s capricious formations. On one hand, these works could certainly be featured in any history museum. However, they are also contemporary in nature as they form part of the organic art trend and are also aligned with the ongoing quest of artists for redefining the boundaries of ceramic and art.

“If I make a bowl, a table, or a complex sculpture all you see is a captured moment, maybe even an instant all you see is me.” – Jojo Corväiá

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 4

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 5

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 6

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 7

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 8

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 9

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 11

Natural Ceramic Forms by Jojo Corvaia 12



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Written by Constanza Ontiveros