A Human Approach – Archetyping Furniture by Studio Destroyers/Builders

Through the many years of handling woodworks there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling the rough surface that the maker has carved from. I tend to think our deeper connection with these types of surfaces lies in the facts that smooth surfaces are linked to manufactured objects, those that have little sign of imperfection and are most probably made by machine. On the other hand you have these carved recesses, all of which catch the light and create texture in the hand. Definitely something to think about when crafting or designing your own objects.

Destroyers/Builders are a Brussels based design studio founded by Linde Freya Tangelder. Their focus is currently how design can link to our senses, such as touch and sight, but also how these connect with cultural values that have stood the test of time in art and craft. All of these seen here have a sculptural and architectural character that I was instantly drawn to.

Looking back through their portfolio it’s obvious to see the natural progression in their work, first starting with coloured cherry wood and then chiselling the surface to see what texture they could create on pieces of wood. They have now pushed this forward in to a series of furniture called “Archetyping” where they have taken classics forms and have applied this surface texture. A really cool idea and nice to see how this was just a concept and has been transformed into something that we can relate to functionally.

To create a touchable and tactile surface they used a combination of chipwood, lacquer, and pigment, meaning it’s easier to use and had a compelling tension between hardness and softness, as well as between contemporary and traditional craft. I hope you like these pictures and will view more on their website below, certainly an interesting design studio that’s worth following.



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