Circle and Line – Metal Mobiles Handcrafted by Designer Corie Humble

Simple shapes and how they can be used in collaboration is an interesting point of reference. When you think of artist’s work you think that they would have to use some complex shapes in order to create art that would inspire, but often you find they like to base their works around a circle, square, triangle or just simple lines. Architecture is similar in this regard.

I came across the work of product designer Corie Humble who for over ten years has been working with leather, but in the past few years has also been designing objects for the home and also mobiles from metal. One thing that I like about Corie is the fact that she has undertook various residencies across the world to experiment with craft and learn from different craftsmen. It’s really inspiring to see.

These mobiles are really great and are grouped under the name “Circle & Line”, investigating the vast possibilities of how a circle and line can be deconstructed and reconfigured in to new compositions. I picked out a small selection from her portfolio but I hope you will go over to the links below and see more, they can also be purchased on her online shop. Enjoy.