New at OEN Shop – Lacquer Objects by Kanazawa Craftsman Akihiko Sugita


When I was in Japan earlier in the month I didn’t get a chance to visit Kanazawa-based craftsman Akihiko Sugita but I’ve always admired his work massively. Akihiko is a fairly young craftsman and it’s really humbling to see the amount of work he puts in to the production of his objects. It’s obvious to see he respects the traditional values of lacquer production, but at the same time looks forward to create modern shapes and finishes that can stand the test of time.

While I was away I received a new batch from Akihiko, his previous range was very popular and sold out quickly in the shop. They are one of a kind objects that take a lot of time to produce, so I would recommend reading through his feature page to familiarise yourself with the working methods. It’s really intriguing, and I hope to visit Akihiko’s studio in the future to capture his process on video. Have a great weekend.

Work by Akihiko Sugita is available in the shop here →