The Graphic Art of John D. Muller

The Graphic Art of John D. Muller image 1

Im a big fan of short documentaries, there very telling of who a person is, and what they stand for. So I thought I would bring you one today on established and highly experienced graphic artist John D Muller. For ten or so minutes John talks to us about his story, of how he ended up working for himself, his education as an artist and how he developed one of his most loyal clients. John has received international recognition for his graphic art, including exhibits in New York, Washington DC, Zurich, Tokyo, Kansas City and Los Angeles. From just hearing him speak for a little while you can get a feel for his passion and his dedication and confidence in the works he does. I guess this is what we are all striving to achieve in the end, to work a job we are passionate for, that we have high confidence in because we have a wealth of experience from being dedicated to that cause ever day. It makes me feel good when I hear stories of people with there own visions and dreams that they have fulfilled, its not only inspiring but also refreshing, too many are caught up in this system where its not okay to stand up and create something of your own, not just something for you, but something that can effect and develop the world, for the better, for others. John has developed two specialties over the years and its these pieces that he enjoys the most. The first is the creation of commemorative portraits of people, young and old, living and passed. The other personal favourite of John’s is creating large scale thematic art for residential and corporate environments. Im not going to go into too much detail about John because I think that would spoil the short a bit, if you want to find out more about him after it, you can visit his site – link below.

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