Illustrator Raymond Biesinger

Illustrator Raymond Biesinger 1

Raymond Biesinger is a self-taught illustrator based in Edmonton, Canada. You probably have seen his work in publications like Dwell, The Economist, Wired, The New York Times, Monocle, The Financial Times, Seed, NYLON, the Globe & Mail, Flemish Eye Records, among others.

Using a variety of mixed medias like pencil, ink, computer, photography, collage, stamps, photocopiers, Letraset, and other low-tech techniques, he has developed his own graphic approach, reminding me of old school prints or illustrations from the 50’s.

Not just content with being an awesome illustrator, he’s also a musician in The Famines and a publisher too!

I hope you enjoy this selection of works, more images below.

Illustrator Raymond Biesinger 2

Illustrator Raymond Biesinger 3

Illustrator Raymond Biesinger 4

Illustrator Raymond Biesinger 5


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