Pretzel From Chuck Fishbein

Pretzel From Chuck Fishbein image

Film maker and photographer Chuck Fishbein has been running a little series titled elements, In this he tries to share with his audience his view and perception of New York city, a city that Chuck has a great love and passion for. “I love New York City. It’s never short of amazing imagery, you just have to stop and look around” he comments, Chuck certainly has and nack for collecting eye pleasing imagery that keeps the viewer engaged and interested. Though collecting as much visual as he could at each location he was able to piece together a short video for us with lots of captivating and amusing shots, he has captured various members of society in a relaxed and natural state. I always think this is the hardest task for the street photographer / filmmaker, I can defiantly recall being out around London with my camera and at times technology can provoke an edgy reaction, this can however be part of the fun of it all, and create some striking shots. It took three or four days for Chuck to piece together this piece of visual production, he wanted to make sure he had enough screen worthy footage before moving on to editing and such. Im a big fan of these sorts of productions offering a different view to world famous cities, what are everybody else’s views of these?, be sure to drop a comment, id be interested in hearing everyones opinions.

I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to spend most of my life creating visual imagery as both a filmmaker & photographer

-Chuck Fishbein

Find more work from Chuck Fishbein here


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